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Investigative journalist, author and trainer
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Love, Hate and Propaganda

(March 2010)

A six-part CBC documentary series about the role propaganda played during World War Two.

Julian Sher wrote and directed Episode 5.

Watch 'Hiding the Horrors' online
(geo-fenced for Canada only)

See the CBC website for behind-the-scenes photos and educational resources.

Watch an interview with Julian Sher on Canada's late night talk show, "The Hour"


The Battle for the Arctic

(January 2009)

Julian Sher co-wrote and co-directed this documentary about how scientists from Canada, the United States and Russia are racing to map the once frozen and now rapidly-melting Arctic in the face of a looming deadline of a UN treaty.

See the CBC website

Watch the entire documentary online.

Watch a science report on the New York Times site.

Listen to a 20-minute radio documentary on
CBC's The Current


To order a copy for broadcast, contact
C4i Distribution

Watch Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear

(March 2008)

Julian Sher was one of three writer-directors to travel to Afghanistan for the CBC. His mission: investigate the New Taliban. Click here to see the web page .

Click here to watch the entire documentary or select one of the Taliban chapters in the next column.




Watch an interview with Julian Sher on
"The Hour" with George Stroumboulopoulos

"Julian spent time living in Kandahar, and not on the Canadian military base. He went out talking to suicide bombers and he made sure cameras got inside Taliban camps. Ultimately, the film suggests the Taliban are gaining ground in southern Afghanistan, and creating a new generation of fighters, that are more tech saavy and more violent."


The Battle for Baghdad

See an excerpt of The Battle for Baghdad and read the director's commentary.

See two interview excerpts on the New York Times web site: Part One and Part Two

(April 2007)

Click here to listen to a radio report.
A joint New York Times/CBC investigation



For the first time, cameras go behind the scenes as police in Canada, the United States and Europe join forces to infiltrate a secretive, international pedophile ring on the Internet. From behind prison walls, we hear from the child sex offender who first tipped off the police. Inside the high-tech police centres in Canada, the UK and the US,we follow the undercover operatives as they track down the predators and rescue children.

Read the book that inspired the documentary:
One Child at a Time

See the CBC web page, with excerpts, articles and background information

Watch excerpts on YouTube:

Nuclear Jihad

See an excerpt of Nuclear Jihad and read the director's commentary.

(November 2006)

Winner of the 2007 Columbia University's Dupont Award, the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer prize

Watch the award ceremony and speech by Julian Sher

Click here to listen to a radio report.
A joint New York Times/CBC/Discovery Times investigation.

The Steven Truscott Story

See an update of Julian Sher's original documentary of Canada's most famous wrongful conviction case.

Winner of the 2000 Canadian Association of Journalist's Award for Best Investigative Report of the Year.

Read Julian Sher's bestselling book about the case.

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