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Investigative journalist, author and trainer
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Writing t
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Organizing Complex Investigations
Mastering the Web as an Investigative Tool

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You've done tremendous digging, but don't ruin it by publishing your research. You have to tell a story, not scoop. This course looks at writing, focus and story structure so that you can turn your investigation into a great tale that will grip readers and viewers.

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To give journalists in all fields -- live on-air hosts, reporters in the field and researchers on the phones - a firmer grasp of story-telling through interviews by giving them a thorough, hands-on understanding of the structure, rules and techniques of good questioning.


How to organize a months-long investigation?

Where do you start? How to figure out your priorities? Your strategy?

How do you organize your work, your sources, your interviews and your writing?

Using concrete examples, a hands-on guide to making your life easier when it comes to the big project.

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This course aims to take journalists behind the scenes to unlock the secrets of the web and show them how to avoid the dangers of the web, how find reliable news and news sources, find people and experts, gather reliable statistics, investigative governments and countries and use search engines in a smarter and faster way.

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