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Investigative journalist, book author and trainer
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Somebody's Daughter: The Hidden Story of America's Prostituted Children



"Unsettling, uncomfortable, unforgettable. Every parent should read and then share this book with their teen."

- Ellen Hopkins, author of Tricks and Fallout

"Masterful, absorbing… To date the most definitive account of sex trafficking of children and the culture that supports it. "

- Norma Ramos,
Executive Director of Coalition Against Trafficking of Women

"A brutally honest look into the hidden world of prostituted children in the United States. A compelling book that will touch hearts and minds and inspire people to take action."

- Rachel Durchslag,
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

"If you ever watched Pretty Woman and wondered how Julia Roberts got out on street in the first place - read this book. Somebody's Daughter exposes the grit behind the glamour, the exploitation behind the elegance, and the violence and abuse that are the true story of the women and children hurt on our own streets, in our own cities in America. When you read it, it will make you angry...not just about the pain and suffering, but about the lies in our society that perpetuate and normalize these crimes."

-Laura J. Lederer,
Global Centurion,
Former Senior Advisor on Trafficking, U.S. Department of State

"Parents every day suffer the anxiety and sorrow of a daughter or son who has runaway or is missing. There are few books as well-written, insightful and motivating as Somebody's Daughter. Julian Sher in his extraordinarily masterful manner, has brought out the truth of this well-organized, under-recognized and continuously growing threat to children in America."

-Dr. Sharon W. Cooper,
Consultant, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

"Julian Sher's powerful, compelling book will awaken a nation to the fact that the sexual trafficking of children does not just happen somewhere else, it is happening in the United States and the victims are American kids. Yet, as riveting and disturbing as this book is, it is also uplifting and hopeful. Julian showcases some modern-day heroes whose courageous efforts are rescuing kids and bringing those who prey upon them to justice. It is inspiring. We need more such heroes."

-Ernie Allen,
President,National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

"(A) thorough, deeply affecting study … While the horror stories of the young girls "in the life" are vividly recounted, the author depicts them with sensitivity and respect; and his book strikes a rare balance between revealing trauma and hope, and between the stories of abused children and their advocates"

-Publishers Weekly

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