Julian Sher

Investigative TV producer,
book author and trainer

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Julian Sher is the Senior Producer of CBC's the fifth estate, Canada's premier investigative TV program.

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SEASON 39: 2013-2014

Updates - Lev Tahor, Bangladesh and Elephants

Our season finale on April 11 - What happened after our cameras left -
to the Lev Tahor religious sect, to the victims of the Bangladesh factory collapse
... and to Canada's elephants in California.

Your Tips, Our Stories      Dead Enough


A mysterious death in          We save lives with organ
Halifax, a "Don Juan"          donations, but some MDs
with a dark past and             debate how we decide
small town corruption          when you are really dead

The Rise and Fall of        Return to Paradise
Mike Duffy

The story at the heart of     New evidence points to a
the Senate scandal - as       pesticide in tourist hotels in
you've never seen before   deaths of two Canadians  

The Black Dragon           Rabbi of the Pure Hearts  


The Chinese migrants          A religious sect is accused
who came ashore in BC       of child neglect and abuse
in 1999 - what happened?     

The Man Who Hears          Walk the Line


Is being declared "not          One of the country's
criminally responsible"        top biker cops was selling
for murder a way out?         secrets to the bikers

Silence of the Labs           The Last Great Escape

Scientists express growing      A perilous flight from   
alarm over government cuts    North Korea

The Sextortion of            The Conspiracy Files     
of Amanda Todd


The BC teen driven to         Troubling questions
suicide by online sexual       about the JFK killing
extortion by predators          50 years later

The Strange World
of Julian Assange             
The Rob Ford Story


WikiLeaks founder gets          Crack cocaine. Alcohol.
a Hollywood treatment but      Friends with criminal
the real  fifth estate tells           backgrounds. The story
the inside story                        behind the crack video            _____________________________

The Murder and                 Elephants on Board:     
the Money Trail                  A Journey to Remember
A murder  and risky            Exclusive coverage of
business by a bank from     the elephants' long trip
Canada in Mexico               to a new home in California

Made in Bangladesh:       
The Secrets of Sugar:
They make clothes for       The surprising science
Canada but still toil in        on the dangers the
dangerous conditions         sugar industry is hiding
conditions                           from consumers                        


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