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HUNTING THE PREDATORS is a one-hour documentary written and directed by Julian Sher, based on his critically acclaimed book One Child at a Time: Inside the Police Hunt to Rescue Children from Online Predators.

This is the story of the men and women who are working around the clock in a desperate race. For the first time, cameras go behind the scenes as police in Canada, the United States and Europe join forces to infiltrate a secretive, international pedophile ring on the Internet.

Click here to see the CBC web page and watch a brief excerpt.

Click here to read about the 'Beyond Borders' Award won by "Hunting the Predators"

KINSA - The Kids' Internet Safety Alliance May 01, 2008
KINSA Honours Eight "Heroes" Who Make a Difference

Christiane Charette

Julian Sher: pour la protection des enfants
[15 septembre 2008]

Watch a special report on Australian TV's Lateline about new police technology. March 2008

Click here to read the report


Watch Australian Broadcasting Corporation report about Operation Achilles, which saw the arrest of more than 20 paedophiles across six countries and the rescue of 20 children. March 5, 2008


Watch a special report on Australian TV's Lateline. August 21, 2007
Click here to open the RealPlayer video directly or click here to see the main web page.
Click here to read the transcript.

Listen to an interview with BBC Radio 4 in November 2007 after a worldwide manhunt launched by Intrerpol leads to the arrest of a Canadian man in Thailand.

Channel 4 UK

Channel 4 London - Watch TV news report on the major world bust called Project Wickerman

Click here to listen to a feature interview on CBC Radio's The Current with Julian Sher about his latest book One Child at a Time

"New Book Untangles the Web of Child Porn" on CTV April 20, 2007



Listen to an interview with Julian Sher on The Commentary.ca. April 20, 2007.

Psychology Podcasts

Listen to a feature interview with Julian Sher on Psychjourney_blogs

Listen to an interview on Toronto radio station 640



Caught in the Web:
Human Trafficking and the Internet

Speech in Waterdown, Ontario sponsored by The Human Trafficking Committee

From the Flamborough Review: Child sexual exploitation was the focus last Saturday at the School Sisters of Notre Dame Motherhouse, which hosted 'Caught in the Web,' a conference featuring guest speaker and award-winning author and journalist Julian Sher. >>>> Read more

April 15, 2010



Bishop Accused
LifeSiteNews.com New Canadian Child Pornography Bill
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Scandal of Canada's child-porn servers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Child Advocates note cases at conference
April 17, 2009
Teens using cellphones for sending sexy photos by cellphone land in trouble
March 18, 2009
France 2 Regardez une entrevue avec Julian Sher sur les antennes de France 2
Le 21 mai 2009
Jean-Luc Mongrain s'entretient avec Julian Sher, auteur d'un livre sur la cyberprédation.

Trahi par son penis
03 Février 2009



"Hunting the Predators" written and directed by Julian Sher wins award
Studio 4 - The Kathy Keefer Show Watch an interview with Julian Sher on the Kathy Keefer show (WMV Windows Media File)
Expert says Internet-based child sexual exploitation leaves a digital footprint
November 18, 2008
HAMILTON SPECTATOR 'This is the rape and abuse of very real children.' Read about one of the largest sweeps of online abusers in Ontario history in the Hamilton Spectator February 13, 2008
Craindre davantage les proches

21 novembre 2008



Studio 4 - The Kathy Keefer Show Watch an interview with Julian Sher on the Kathy Keefer show (WMV Windows Media File)

"How Long Until our Kids are safe?"
Winnipeg Free Press November 20, 2007

"Author Unveils World of Predators"

Winnipeg Sun November 19, 2007

Read an interview with Julian Sher in "24 Hours" after Interpol hunts down a suspect in Thailand

Internet can become a threat to children

Local case to convict teacher described in book

New book hails police combating online child sex abuse and cyber predators

Read the story of the UK bust of world pedophile ring

"A Good News Story on a Bad News Front" June 26, 2007, Edmonton Journal

"Disturbing insight into the world of pedophiles" June 23, 2007, Edmonton Sun


















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