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The book that takes you inside the global police hunt for online child predators

"Julian Sher does a superb job of attacking the almost unbearable subject of child sexual abuse, by giving a voice to the victims and investigators who can't turn a blind eye, either by choice or conscience… 'One Child' gives readers hope, a renewed sense of direction and purpose." - Globe and Mail

"Riveting" - Maclean's Magazine

"Eye-opening...it reads like a thriller, complete with sting operations and stakeouts that could easily figure on the TV series 24." - Montreal Gazette

"Fine and gripping... an important book that ultimately calls on us to do what we can." - Toronto Star

"A monumental piece of work, an extraordinary contribution. It is a devastating account of a profound tragedy. It is also a book filled with hope -- the hope and knowledge that there are so many out there who are fighting this cancer in our societies." - Mandy Patinkin, former star of the CBS series: "Criminal Minds"


From a renowned investigative reporter, the true story behind a horrifying Internet abuse epidemic-and the heroes who are out to stop it.

The Internet has helped make child abuse terrifyingly common - it is the new face of crime in the 21st century. There are tens, probably hundreds of thousands of children whose sexual abuse has been electronically recorded and distributed on the Internet. As Julian Sher reveals, the men perpetrating these crimes include lawyers, priests, doctors and politicians. They pick their victims from the streets of Bangkok to the Boy Scout troops in England, while the police -- from a crack image analyst with the Toronto police to an FBI agent who poses as a 13 year old girl online - work desperately to nab the predators.

The book goes behind the headlines to show how law officers are fighting back against this tide of abuse, from daring rescues in homes to the seizures of millions of dollars in the offshore bank accounts of the porn merchants. In riveting detail, Julian Sher shows how clue by clue, and image by image, investigators are using cutting edge tools, turning the technology of the Internet against the perpetrators as they race to find and rescue the victims-children who otherwise have no voice.

This important book explores the ramifications of a worldwide struggle, from the need for updated legal powers to the unexpected effects the Internet has had on our social fabric. It also includes a full list of resources for concerned parents. Though sometimes harrowing, this book is also inspiring-and never less than absolutely relevant.

Caught In The Web
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