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Julian Sher.com Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers Empire of Crime


The real story behind the world's most feared outlaw gangs, from the authors of The Road to Hell

Angels of Death by Julian Sher and William Marsden

In this definitive, up-to-the-minute account of the Hells Angels and the international outlaw biker world, two expert journalists investigate how America's foremost motorcycle gang has become one of the world's most sophisticated criminal organizations. Taking the reader behind the headlines, Angels of Death shows the biker gangs' global reach: from British Columbia, where wealthy bikers dominate the organized crime pyramid; to Curacao, where terrorist organizations funnel drugs to Dutch bikers; and to the streets of Oslo, where a full-scale war, with rocket attacks and bombs, is being waged. For the first time Sher and Marsden also tell the stories of the undercover police officers who have infiltrated the biker gangs in a desperate bid to stop their global war.


Praise from reviewers around the world

From the UK:
"In what sometimes read like blood-soaked pages, the authors have built a devastating indictment of the gangs' drug-running and racketeering across three continents, and the terrifying methods they use to protect what they see as their territories for drug distribution. In many ways this is a fascinating and disturbing study of a group of macho outsiders in the modern world."
-The London Daily Mail

"Angels of Death is a well-researched, engrossing account of the biker gangs' rise up America's crime tree."
- New Statesman


From Canada:
"Angels of Death is as contemporary as it gets. Its most recent case studies are scarcely weeks old; its intense analysis of this evil empire as current and finely tuned as a newly minted Harley chopper. The narrative is multilayered and global in scope. Read this tome carefully, dear reader, and never, ever, let your guard down. The veneer of civilization runs very thin, and the Trojan horse at our gates looks disturbingly like a Harley chopper."
-The Toronto Globe and Mail

"An action-packed read . . . With Angels of Death you get taken on a long and interesting ride. . . . [The] writing is fast-paced, at times thrilling and never boring-altogether, a remarkable accomplishment. . . . Canadian readers will be relieved to find out that Marsden and Sher retell the history of this country's bikers in a new, updated way, so page-skipping isn't an option. . . . There's so much fascinating information you won't want to miss any of it."
-Toronto Star

From Australia:
"An unflinching account in meticulous detail of the formation and global expansion of the Hell's Angels criminal empire … A frightening expose.
- The Herald Sun (Australia)

"Canadian-based investigative journalists Sher and Marsden as they dissect the inner world of the international Hells Angels organisation … (a) sometimes fascinating, enlightening work from the history of what would become the outlaw bikie gangs to today's highly sophisticated networks which rival the best international police units."
- The Courier Mail (Australia)

From the United States:
"Sher and Marsden reveal the worldwide crime cartel constituted by the Hell's Angels motorcycle club. Chronicling worldwide misdeeds and mayhem, they … bring readers up to speed with an ace true-crime saga whose last chapter is far from written."
- American Library Booklist



Angels of Death
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Angels of Death
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