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Julian Sher.com Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers Empire of Crime

"A devastating indictment of the gangs' drug-running and racketeering across three continents -- a fascinating and disturbing study"
-The London Daily Mail, UK

"An action-packed read "
-Toronto Star, Canada

"A frightening expose"
- The Herald Sun (Australia)

"An ace true-crime saga"
- American Library Booklist




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Read the original Globe and Mail story "Woman who dated Bernier had links to biker gang"-- the article that sparked the Julie Couilalrd controversy and led to a cabinet minister's resignation. May 8, 2008.


Read the Globe and Mail story
"If I didn't marry you, you'd be dead" -
the exclusive inrterview with polcie informant Stephane Sirois that sparked questions in the House of Commons. June 6, 2008


Read the Globe and Mail story "From Life of Crime to Informant" about Stephane Sirois's biography. June 6 2008


Read the Globe and Mail story "'Connections' impressed Couillard" about Julie Couillard's life with the bikers. June 6, 2008



San Francisco Chronicle

Read "A Hell of a Time
for the Angels
May 7, 2006

Read "From police badge to biker patch" about a former cop arrested for Bandidos' murders
June 17, 2006

Read Bandidos flaunt brutal pedigree after 8 Bandidos are murdered
April 11, 2004

Read an exclusive interview with Bandidos international leader

Read "Vancouver as Gangland Canada" after a biker-related shooting takes place Sept 13, 2007

Read the Ottawa Citizen feature on the 30th anniversary of the Hells Angels March 22, 2008

Read about the major bust of Winnipeg Hells Angels in the Globe and Mail, December 13, 2007



Angels of Death
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Angels of Death
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